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4/4/10[-]Happy Easter!

I\'ve had a really hectic week. I was gone on two separate trips, broke down, got turned down for a really awesome gig, and lost my drawing pencil. So, I threw this together based on some random thoughts, using MS-Paint and an old comic... enjoy?

3/25/2010[-]Busy Busy Busy

Wow have I been busy this month. I was so sure that I would have a lot of comics for you too. I programmed a fun game that you can play on my main site at http://www.rhizdii.com/ called Senet. I\'m still looking for work, but am feeling a bit more hopeful with the jobs I\'ve posted to lately. And of course I\'ve been working on my wedding with Beth.

I was working on a full page comic for several days and have two pages of that completed, but it\'s not ready for public viewing. So that took up some of my time, whereas I wanted to have a finished product to show you all. However, I have written a new FOCS script and will hopefully get that posted here \"soon\".

3/4/2010[-]Leo, the Eternal Punching Bag

A new comic goes up. Not much else for news.

2/24/10[-]Birthday Celebration

Wow have I been distracted lately. I recently had to move a whole bunch of furniture. This past weekend I drove 1400 miles to get to a wedding and back. I\'ve been working hard searching for work again. I decided to get back to writing a book I\'ve been working on for a few years now (with a new plan about how to get it finished). And now it\'s my birthday. If you behave yourselves I\'ll throw up a comic.

2/8/2010[-]Ongoing Story!

Hey guys, it\'s been long overdue but FOCS is finally developing an ongoing storyline. I\'ll still do one shots whenever I come up with them, but I have about 10 comics written out now and many more brewing in the old noggin\'.

No Color - You may notice that today\'s comic with the main cast is not colored. In order to save my sanity and to try and produce more comics again I think I\'m going to ease off the coloring for now. They may get colored later, but for now just enjoy the art and the story.

2/4/10[-]Sketch Day!

Hey guys, I\'ve been working on some sketches lately and haven\'t done a new comic as of yet. So, since I thought you all might like to see something here, here is one of the sketches I\'ve been doing. Expect another one soon. The style is pretty unique from what I normally do since I didn\'t ink it by hand, but rather I discovered a new way to clean up my pencils on the computer without risking ruining the important lines. Also note, highlights are present too, yay! I feel I should name her...

1/21/10[-]Fun to Come

Hey guys, over the next few weeks I hope to implement a bunch of new updates to the site. Finishing some stuff that has yet to be completed and bringing new content to those who are bored waiting for new comics.

1/20/10[-]Killing Time

I've been wanting to do a time travel joke for a while, but kept putting it off. So at long last here is Dr. Science destroying the universe for a mustache.

1/10/10[-]Comics 101

No I didn't forget how to draw. I'm still just having a hard time getting back into the swing of things after going away for two weeks, and this cold just won't leave me alone. I didn't want to leave you all without SOMETHING to look at though and have put up comic #101. Yes it is stick figures, and yes I did draw them with my mouse. Ah, good times.

1/3/10[-]Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I've been out of commission a bit longer than I anticipated. The place I was staying at 'had' internet, but only in the main building... I was not in the main building and had to walk through the snow to get there if I wanted to use my laptop. I finished the comic, shading and all, and now that I've got internet in my new hotel room it has been updated. Kinda sucks that for comic #100 I had so many issues in getting the finished product published, but I hope you all enjoy it.

I will be returning home tomorrow and will hopefully be drawing a new comic in the next few days. I've been so busy here this past week that even when I pulled out my drawing pad I just couldn't bring myself to think of anything funny... which is weird since I know I had several ideas while here on vacation.

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